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International Women’s Day!

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International Women’s Day!

Today, International Women’s Day, and every other day I lift up, applaud and support the women, living and resting, who have made huge strides and have enriched the lives of those in their care.

Many of you were born into unimaginable poverty, lived through adversity but through sheer grit and determination you pulled yourselves up and succeeded. It can be done because it has been done. By you!

Today I give a shout-out to the woman who changed her status from victim to victor. The one who vowed that her children would have a better life. Yes! You!

The one who couldn’t buy a pair of shoes for herself because the school fee had to be paid. The one who came around selling calaloo early Sunday morning to buy a little something for dinner.

The one who had to forego the big Sunday dinner so that her child could have bus fare for at least two days. The one who tried to catch a puss nap on the truck while going to mango market or Coronation market in order to buy bread or a little frock for her daughter to recite in at rally, harvest and youth rally.

The farmer mother who threatened to use her tools on any grey-back man who touches or even puts an inappropriate question to her daughter. The one who mothered other people’s children.

Let’s not forget to thank the ones who dared, and blazed trails in male-dominated professions. They gave us hope. Boss moves!

I will never pit women against each other. I will never put down another woman but will encourage those who have fallen on hard times.

I want a level playing field for you and me, for our offspring and their offspring. This is your day and your time. Peace!

Happy International Women’s Day

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