Mary Bailey

About The Author

Mary Bailey is a journalist, teacher, and animal lover who spends much of her time writing short stories and poems, and editing essays and manuscripts. After meeting and connecting with her best friend’s dog, she was inspired to write a story about another beloved pet that went on to do great things. The thought of writing for children came to her one night about eight years ago as she desperately tried to get her grandsons to fall asleep. They asked her to read them a story, but she was already under the covers and didn’t want to reach for a book. She proceeded to concoct a tale, and to her delight, they enjoyed the made-up story immensely. 


Nappy is a friendly, happy, spirited Staffordshire dog who lives in the McBean home in Macka Grove. As a pup, he is not expected to live, but under the tender care of his adopted family, he survives and thrives. Mr. and Mrs. McBean love him unconditionally and so do the twins. His penchant for short naps leads to the name by which nearly everyone in the community knows him. One of his favorite pastimes is greeting friends and being petted by them.

One day, on a trip to the twins’ school, Nappy runs towards a little girl who happens to be the McBean’s neighbor and the twins’ best friend.
The vice-principal witnesses it and petitions Nappy to be muzzled and sent away.

Will Nappy be separated from his beloved family?